Our Mission

The Mission of the UK COP is to provide innovative education, conduct pioneering research, deliver cutting-edge clinical practice, and lead change to improve health.

Our Vision

The Vision of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is to think boldly and inspire. Lead, integrate, and innovate to improve health.


  • Culture of passionate inquiry and discovery
  • National and international benchmark of best practices
  • Committed to contributing to individual and collective success
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships
  • Impact human health and economic development

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Academic excellence
  • Academic freedom
  • Mutual respect and human dignity
  • Diversity in students, staff and faculty
  • Personal and institutional responsibility and accountability
  • Shared governance
  • A collegial community
  • Sensitivity to work-life concerns
  • Civic responsibility and service to society

Our Goals

  • Enhance stature among peers
  • Prepare students for leadership in the knowledge economy and global society
  • Enhance the intellectual and economic capital of Kentucky through
  • growth in research
  • Embrace and nurture diversity
  • Engage Kentuckians through partnerships to elevate the quality of life
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