I Know Someone Who Wants to

go to Pharmacy School at UK

If you are an alumnus or friend of the College of Pharmacy, we want you to help us find the best and brightest students from Kentucky and across the country.  Yes, admission to our program is competitive. Yes, once a student is admitted to our program they can expect to work very hard. But if you know someone up for the challenge, we hope you will encourage them to apply and help them by providing the following tips.

I know a great kid from my hometown who wants to go to pharmacy school and he really wants to come to UK. We hear it every day, everywhere we go and our response is we want them to come to UK too.

  1. Contact Us
    It is never too soon to make the initial contact with our College of Pharmacy’s Office of Academic and Student Affairs to let us know you are interested in our program. We’ll assist you in any way we can to help you get here. 
    Sharon Gonzales
    Admissions & Recruitment
    Phone:  859.323.2755
  2. Subscribe to our Pre-Pharmacy Listserv to get information and updates on upcoming events.
  3. Do your homework
    A PharmD offers you a variety of career options. Do your part to find out if pharmacy is the right career path for you by job shadowing or volunteering at a pharmacy and in health care settings. Talk to pharmacists in your community or pharmacy students.  If you need assistance in contacting or meeting pharmacists or students from your area, let us know and we’ll help you.
  4. Visit our Web site
    Information on our Web site is continually updated.  We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions, but you may find a lot of the information you are looking for at the link below. 
  5. Attend an Open House
    We offer Open Houses at the College each year for both high school and college students.  We also provide information about the College of Pharmacy at UK Preview Nights across the state. To get registration information on the Open Houses and to find out specific time and locations of the Preview Nights in your area, please contact Clay Arnold at 859.323.2755 or clay.arnold@uky.edu
  6. Study, study, study
    The goal isn’t for you to ‘get into’ our pharmacy program – it is for you to ‘get out.’  We want you to graduate, become a pharmacist and a member of our UKCOP alumni family of more than 5,000 pharmacists.  But you will have to work hard.  To be competitive, students should have at least a 3.0 to 3.5 grade point average in their prerequisite courses, present a well-rounded application and above average PCAT scores.
  7. Apply early

    Review of applications begins early in September and continues until our class reaches capacity in April. But keep in mind, our rolling admissions process means seats fill up early.  Students who wait until later to apply run the risk of many seats already being filled.

    Another advantage to applying early is that your application will receive “more looks” by the admissions committee.  If not immediately accepted, your application will “roll over” to the next round of committee reviews.  Naturally, the “more looks” your application receives, the greater your chances for admission.  So, APPLY EARLY!!!

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