UK COP Pharm.D. Supplemental Application 2013-2014 Admissions Cycle

This application and fee are supplements to and do not replace the required PharmCAS application, materials and fees. For interview and admission consideration, it is important to submit all PharmCAS and UK Supplemental Application materials and fees as early in the admission process as possible. (The PharmCAS Early Decision application deadline for all materials, including college transcripts, is September 3, 2013. Your file will not be reviewed for interview consideration until this Supplemental Application is received.  Use the Status link on the PharmCAS application to verify receipt of your Supplemental Application within 7-10 days after your PharmCAS verification date. Print a copy of this application for your records before submitting.)

Background Information

Parent's/Legal Guardian Information

Personal Data (Optional)


1. Are you Hispanic or Latino? Yes  No
* A Hispanic or Latino person is of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

2. What is your race? (Please select all that apply)
A. African American or Black
B. American Indian or Alaska Native
C. Asian
D. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
E. White
      F. Other (please list):

Gender: Male  Female

Residency Information

Are you a resident of Kentucky? Yes  No

Have you lived in Kentucky for the last 12 months as a non-student? Yes  No

Have you received financial support from an individual out-of-state during the last 12 months? Yes  No

Does either parent (or legal guardian) live in Kentucky? Yes  No

Have you been a student at the University of Kentucky? Yes  No

If you have been a student at UK, how many semesters, including the current (or upcoming) semester?

If you are or were recently a student at UK, do/did you pay instate tuition rates? Yes  No
Please Note: If recently issued instate status by UK for tuition purposes, you must have the UK Residency Office forward a letter to the College of Pharmacy Admissions Office indicating your change in status.



Are you a US Citizen?  Yes  No

If no, please list country of citizenship:

Visa: If not a US citizen, what type of Visa do you have or expect to secure?

J-1   F-1   US Permanent Resident   Other
If other, please specify:

Is English your first (primary) language? Yes  No

If English is not primary language, please indicate TOEFL or other English proficiency exam score:
( A TOEFL score is not required for students who completed high school in the United States.)


If you have previously applied to the UK College of Pharmacy (COP), please list dates of previous application(s)

If you have previously interviewed with the UK COP, please list dates: (MM/YYYY)

REQUIRED for Reapplicants: If yes to either of the above questions, briefly describe how you have strengthened your application since last applying:

Legacy (Optional)

If you have an immediate family member who graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy,  please list their name (s) and relationship to you:

If you have an immediate family who graduated from another Pharmacy School, please list their name(s), relationship to you, and pharmacy school:

Admissions Qualifications

Dates you have taken (and/or will take) the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT):

PCAT Date(s)    Highest Composite Percentile Score Earned:

Associates Degree - Institution Name: Major: Date of Degree:

Undergraduate Degree: BA  BS Institution Name: Major: Date of Degree:

Graduate Degree: MA  MS  PhD Institution Name: Major: Date of Degree:

If fluent in any language besides English, please list the language:

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen

Criminal background checks and drug screens are requirements for admission and must be completed with satisfactory results prior to matriculation at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. Those applicants tentatively accepted for admission must, therefore, consent to and undergo a criminal background check and drug screen as a condition of enrollment. Existence of a conviction does not automatically disqualify an applicant from admission. Withholding information about criminal offenses and/or unsatisfactory results from a background check or drug screen may, however, result in denial of admission. The PharmCAS Applicant Code of Conducts requires applicants to “reveal information about previous legal offenses pertinent to admission into a professional program.  In addition, the Code states, "Any applicant found to have violated the principles of conduct risks losing the privilege of applying to or entering the pharmacy profession.”  

Personal Background Questions (Required)

Are you currently under investigation for or have any pending adjudications against you for any law violations? Yes  No

Have you ever plead guilty, “no contest” or been convicted of a crime (please include all DUI, other drug and/or alcohol related offenses, and offenses that have been sealed or expunged as these are frequently listed in background checks. When in doubt, please list the incident.)? Yes  No

REQUIRED statements below if Yes to the above question(s):

  1. A description of each incident, including your age at the time each offense was committed
  2. Specific charge(s) brought against you
  3. Indicate whether misdemeanor or felony
  4. Consequence(s) and/or outcome of incident(s)
    (e.g. convictions, guilty plea, guilty verdict, Alford Plea or Nolo Contendere “No Contest” plea) 
  5. Indicate if the charge(s ) was expunged
  6. Reflection on incident(s), how it impacted your life and what you learned as a result

Getting To Know You

Applicants must answer questions #1 and #2 below. In addition, students must select one additional question (#’s 3, 4, or 5) to answer. ALL non-Kentucky residents are required to answer Question #6. Please keep in mind this is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and illustrate your strengths outside the classroom. Question #7 is optional for all students.

Each answer is limited to 1200 characters (spaces included).

REQUIRED (#1 and #2):

  1. What specific pharmacy career explorations have you had that have confirmed your interest in pharmacy?

    1200 characters left
  2. What steps have you taken to distinguish yourself as a successful, well-rounded applicant?

    1200 characters left

REQUIRED: Answer 1 additional question (#3 - #5) below.

  1. Based upon your experiences provided in the Extracurricular, Work and Honors/Awards section of the PharmCAS application, which experience did you consider the most meaningful? Why?

    1200 characters left
  2. The College seeks applicants whose life experiences can contribute to a richer learning environment for our student body. Please briefly tell us about any life experience you have, which could contribute to the learning and broadening of perspectives for your classmates.

    1200 characters left
  3. Tell us about a school activity, volunteer or work related project in which your participation demonstrates evidence of activism, leadership and initiative.  Include information on the degree of your involvement and the outcome of the project.

    1200 characters left
  4. REQUIRED: If you are not a Kentucky resident, please explain your motivation for applying to UK COP.

  5. OPTIONAL: Please share any other elements regarding your candidacy that you wish the Admissions Committee to consider.


I certify that the statements contained in this application are true, complete and correct, and I agree that said statements shall form the basis of my application. I authorize the College of Pharmacy to make any investigations that they deem appropriate and to secure any additional information concerning me. I understand that my admission and/or enrollment in the College may be revoked for presenting any false, fraudulent, or forged statements, certification or transcripts. I understand that any applicant found to have violated the PharmCAS Applicant Code of Conduct risks losing the privilege of applying to or entering the pharmacy profession. I understand that if any criminal or legal charges occur after I submit this application, I am required to notify the Director of Admissions in writing within 10 days.

I have read and agree with the above statement.
I do not agree with the above statement.

  • Please allow 7-10 days before verifying receipt of your Supplemental Application via the Status link on your PharmCAS account.
  • Please be sure to print a copy of this completed application for your records BEFORE submitting!


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