Criminal Background Checks

& Drug Screens

Criminal background checks and drug screens (CBD/DS) are common requirements for participation in specific coursework in the College of Pharmacy and for eventual licensure as a pharmacist.  As a result, CBS/DS are requirements for students who are conditionally accepted for admission and must be completed with satisfactory results prior to matriculation at the College. 

Instructions for completion of CBC/DS requirements will be forwarded immediately following a student’s conditional acceptance to the College.  *Please be advised that CBC/DS will be annual requirements for all PharmD students enrolled in the College as well. 

The types of tests required as well as the cost involved are subject to change and beyond the control of the College of Pharmacy. The expense for all background checks and drug screens will be borne by the individual applicant and/or student.   

Official UK College of Pharmacy Criminal Background Check/Drug Screen Policy [pdf]

Questions? Contact the University of Kentucky Pre-Pharmacy Advisor.

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