Rolling Admissions

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy (UK COP) PharmD Program uses a rolling admissions process.  A holistic review of applications begins early in September with Early Decision.  Selected applicants are interviewed, and admission decisions are made on a continual basis, starting in October, until the class is filled (typically in April). As an example, a student could interview in October, be reviewed monthly by the Committee, and possibly be admitted anytime between October and March. The UK COP encourages students to apply by the Early Decision deadline even if they have not applied for Early Decision status. This ensures the applicant's file will receive multiple reviews by the Committee.
*Keep in mind… rolling admissions also means seats fill up early! 

Another advantage to applying early is that your application will receive “more looks” by the admissions committee.  If not immediately accepted, your application will “roll over” to the next round of committee reviews.  The “more looks” your application receives, the greater your chances for admission.  So, APPLY EARLY, July - September is the recommended time to apply. *Students who wait until the Regular Decision application deadline to apply risk many seats already being filled.  

Questions? Contact the University of Kentucky Pre-Pharmacy Advisor.

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