Admission Timeline

Step 1: Complete majority of prerequisite courses
Step 2: Take the PCAT
Step 3: Complete PharmCAS Application by UK’s deadline
Step 4: Complete UK Supplemental Application by deadline
Step 5: Confirm PharmCAS Materials
Step 6: Prepare for Interview
Step 7: Take additional PCATs, if necessary
Step 8: Send updated transcripts in early December (Academic Update Window)
Step 9: Admission Decision and Requirements

Important Notes

Step 1: Complete majority of prerequisite courses

Take the specific prerequisite UK prepharmacy coursework. Students can review prerequisite courses completed at other colleges and the average profile (GPA/PCAT scores) of incoming students. Most students apply to the program during their final year(sophomore/junior year of college) of completing the last 1 -2 semesters of courses. Prepharmacy courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to desired enrollment. (Prior approval must be obtained by students wishing to take required coursework in the summer immediately preceding fall enrollment. Contact the director of admissions.)

Step 2: Take the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test)

Students are encouraged to complete the PCAT in July one year prior to starting pharmacy school. Many students complete the PCAT at the end of the sophomore college year (July). At this time, students have typically completed general chemistry, math requirements, animal biology, organic chemistry and anatomy. Students may take the PCAT again in September keeping in mind they may not have completed organic chemistry by that time.

Send PCAT scores directly to PharmCAS. Most students take the PCAT 2-3 times (July, September). UK College of Pharmacy typically looks at the highest score, and will review sub scores if additional information is requested by the Admissions Committee.

PCAT scores prior to July 2013 will NOT be considered for the 2015-16 application cycle. Applicants must contact PCAT to request transcripts of prior test scores to be forwarded again to PharmCAS. January 2016 PCAT scores are not guaranteed to be considered for entrance in Fall 2016 given the short time span between the test date and UK COP's final interview date. The test dates for the 2015-16 cycle are in July, September, October, November, and January.

Step 3: Complete PharmCAS Application by UK’s deadline

All students are encouraged to e-submit a Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) application July-September of the year prior to intended entrance. Please note that PharmCAS requires 4-6 weeks for verification purposes before an application is forwarded to individual colleges of pharmacy. Instructions for submitting an application, reference forms and PCAT scores are available on the PharmCAS site.The PharmCAS admission cycle is expected to open the week of July 14. Due to UK COP's rolling admissions process, seats begin to fill quickly after interviews are held in October, November, January, February and March. For this reason, UK COP recommends applying between July-September. All applicants may apply by the Early Decision (ED) deadline as any remaining ED interview seats can be filled by Regular Decision applicants. International students should submit TOEFL scores and transcript evaluations ( to PharmCAS. Attend a UK COP Advising Session to receive information about the application and interview process. NOTE: It is not necessary to wait for the arrival of references, transcripts, fall grades or PCAT scores to e-submit your PharmCAS application.

PharmCAS Application AND UK Supplemental Applications are due:
Early Decision: September 8, 2015 (Learn more about Early Decision if UK is your top choice!)
Regular Decision: March 1, 2016 (Students are encouraged to apply July-September.)

Step 4: Complete UK COP Supplemental Application by deadline

Students are encouraged to complete the UK COP supplemental application by August of the year prior to intended entrance. The supplemental application will be posted on the UK COP Admissions web site from late July through March 1, 2016. Applicants cannot be considered without online submission of a UK Supplemental Application. Mailed applications will not be accepted. Submit supplemental fee payment ($80.00) online using a credit card, MasterCard or Visa (checks not accepted). Use the STATUS link on the PharmCAS application to verify receipt of your Supplemental Application within 7-10 business days of your PharmCAS verification date. 

The UK Supplemental Application will be available late July, following a final legal review. We will make an announcement via our website, the prepharmacy listserv, and the Facebook page for UK College of Pharmacy Admissions & Prepharmacy when the application is available.

* The Supplemental Fee may be waived for students who are granted a PharmCAS Fee Waiver. Please contact Danielle Johnson at for further information.

Step 5: Confirm PharmCAS Materials

Log into your PharmCAS account to verify all materials were received (PCAT, letters of reference, supplemental application, transcripts verified, etc.) PharmCAS will NOT begin to verify your transcripts and process your application until they have confirmed receipt of the PharmCAS application, official transcripts from each institution, and the application fee.

Step 6: Prepare for Interview (If Invited)

Only competitive applicants are invited to interview.  Interview selection is based on a holistic review of the application file when it is received. To be considered for an interview, it is strongly suggested that applicants apply July - September. Interviewees will be invited via email approximately 2 weeks in advance of the below 2015-2016 interview dates. Approximately 250 students were interviewed last year.
     Early Decision Interviews: October 2 & 5 (any remaining interview seats can be filled by Reg. Dec. applicants)
     Regular Decision Interviews: November 14 & 16, January 15 & 16, February 19 & 20, and March 21 (All interview dates are tentative.)

Step 7: Take additional PCATs and complete coursework, if necessary

If necessary, continue taking PCATs in July, September, October, November, and possibly January to increase your score. Continue sending the scores to PharmCAS and the Admissions Committee will note your updated scores upon each file review. January 2016 PCAT scores are not guaranteed to be considered for entrance in Fall 2016 as the scores may arrive after the final interview dates. All prerequisite courses should be completed by the spring semester prior to entering UK COP.

Step 8: Send updated transcripts in mid-December (Academic Update Window)

PharmCAS requires students to submit updated transcripts, enter updated fall grades and spring courses during the Academic Update Window and (beginning mid-December).  Students should submit these transcripts immediately after December exams to ensure the Admissions Committee receives the updated information by early-January to be considered for a January, February, or March interview. Students should request that the transcript be held for fall grades. Because it takes PharmCAS approximately 4-6 weeks to verify transcripts,your updated transcript may not be included in the decision-making process regarding interview selection if you wait until the February deadline.

Step 9: Admission Decision and Requirements

Students can be notified of their admission decision via email within several weeks or several months after their interview date, given the rolling admissions process.  The majority of admission decisions are made October-April. All students admitted will be conditionally admitted until they have met several requirements (Criminal Background Check, Final Transcript Submission, Coursework Completion, etc.) Conditionally accepted students are expected to maintain a strong GPA and report any academic or law charges/offenses which occur prior to matriculation.

Important Notes

  • It is strongly suggested that applicants apply well in advance, 6-8 weeks, of either the Early Decision deadline or the Regular Admission deadline to allow for the time necessary for PharmCAS to verify and process your transcripts. Applications are encouraged between July-September.
  • Do not wait for all of your references or PCAT scores to be sent to PharmCAS before you e-submit. When the references and PCAT scores are received by PharmCAS, they will update your application accordingly.
  • Since admissions decisions are made prior to the end of the spring semester, all applicants must have a grade of C or higher in any required pre-pharmacy course taken in the spring semester prior to entering the College of Pharmacy. A grade less than C in any of these classes will result in a review of status by the Admissions Committee and could result in a rescinding of admission. Please note that a grade of D or below is not acceptable in any required pre-pharmacy course.

Questions? Contact the Prepharmacy Advisor.

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