UK Natural Products Repository

Natural Products Core and Repository

The UK Natural Products Repository serves as an enabling resource for UK investigators involved in lead discovery and development. This repository is comprised of molecules found nowhere else in the world and includes microbial natural products (and their producing organisms) discovered from unique environments across the Commonwealth as well as natural product semi-synthetic analogs generated via propietary technologies. The repository is available in a convenient screenable format via the Organic Synthesis and Screening Core and, for suitable projects, library members can also be provided on larger scale for medicinal chemistry, mechanistic studies, in vivo assessment or development activities. The CPRI is also working to highlight and foster the wealth of natural product-based expertise and technologies on the UK campus via sponsorship of the annual UK Natural Products Consortium Symposium.

Repository Composition (as of mid 2015)

  • UK microbial natural products repository (>190 pure natural products)
  • UK natural product semi-synthetics repository (>550 pure compounds)
  • UK microbial strain fractionated extracts (from >750 distinct actinomycete strains)
  • UK microbial strains (>750 distinct actinomycete strains)


We welcome inquiries from UK investigators interested in exploring the potential of novel natural products within the context of emerging research partnerships and collaborations. For more information and to request services, please contact us.

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