Office of Education

The mission of the "Office of Education" (OE) is to promote and facilitate improvement, innovation and ongoing evaluation and assessment in the professional pharmacy program and graduate educational programs in the College of Pharmacy.

The OE works closely with course directors, department chairs, and individual faculty to ensure that the curriculum is properly sequenced and integrated and that it utilizes appropriate and innovative learning and assessment strategies. The OE also assists faculty in disseminating their efforts in teaching and educational research on a national and international level.

The OE works closely with students to provide access to an online "Academic Calendar" and to assign them in diverse small groups for class projects and problem-based learning. By administering and facilitating various evaluations and focus groups, OE staff gather student feedback about curriculum, teaching, learning, and assessment methods used in the College.

The OE also provides guidance and resources for pharmacy students interested in learning more about careers in teaching, learning, and assessment.


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