College of Pharmacy assessment activities are coordinated under the Office of Education (OEd). As mandated in standards put forth by the Department of Education and the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE), the College has developed an assessment plan and continues to implement methods to evaluate student outcomes.. Multiple measures are utilized to systematically and sequentially assess outcomes throughout the professional program. Analyses of the assessment metrics are used to improve student learning and achieve professional competencies. Curricular assessment is orchestrated by the Assessment Committee. The Office of Education, in collaboration with the assessment and curriculum committees, continues to develop and refine a systematic and sequential evaluation of curricular structure, content, organization, and outcomes.

Assessment activities coordinated by the Office of Education include:

The AACP Alumni, Graduating Student, and Faculty surveys were initiated and designed by the AACP/ACPE Task Force on Assessment and Accreditation in 2002. These surveys were intended to gather perceptions regarding curriculum quality.

  • Assessment Committee

A standing committee reporting to the faculty created to oversee program and course assessments; write, update, and manage the assessment plan; and identify critical assessment needs, processes, tools, and data sources.

  • Curriculum Mapping

Mapping program courses with student learning outcomes and identifying outcomes levels for each course.

The Office of Education coordinates the distribution and collection of course and teaching evaluations. Each semester, students complete anonymous online course evaluations using the CourseEval® online system.

  • End of Year Academic Exit Reports

Course evaluation findings for each professional year are reported in aggregate to the Assessment Committee for review. The report is then present to Curriculum Committee with any recommendations from the Assessment Committee review.

  • Student Liaison Committee

A focus group comprised of student representatives that meets twice a semester to discuss the courses and provide formative feedback to the faculty. Facilitated by the Director of Assessment.

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