IT Contact Information

Room 196 BPC

Hours: 8: a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(859) 257-1169


The College of Pharmacy has onsite printing available for all pharmacy students. The printers are located in the kitchen/work area. Students must have a “Wildcard” with Plus Account to use the system.
To enable printing from a laptop, students will need to have a print driver set up on their machines.

Print Drivers and Set-up Instructions

Technical Support

The College of Pharmacy IT Department will provide limited computer support for students of the College of Pharmacy.

Services offered include:
  • Assistance in connecting to the building’s wireless network.
  • Installation of:
    • Printer drivers for networked printers at the college.
    • Programs available to students through university software licenses via
      (Microsoft Office, McAfee Anti-Virus, etc.)
  • Limited data recovery for files directly related to the student’s academic studies.
  • Burning copies of ISO files available to students via
    Student must provide blank CD.
  • General advising for solutions to computer problems.

Services offered will NOT include:
  • Hardware repair or installation.
  • Installation or support for software not offered via
  • Any other service not explicitly mentioned in the section above.

Services not covered by COP IT may be available through Ky Trade Computers. The university has contracted with Ky Trade to offer computer services to students at a reduced rate. More information is available at:

Laptop Requirement

Access to computers is vital for today’s student pharmacist. S/he will need them for class registrations, paying tuition, checking email, completing and submitting class assignments, conducting research, accessing online drug information, and a host of other activities. Some, but not all, instructors will periodically conduct in-class activities that require mobile computers and access to online resources. The new College of Pharmacy Building was designed to accommodate high-speed wireless computing throughout the building. It is our belief that the requirement, coupled with the wireless environment in the new building, will allow our faculty and students to take advantage of the most current digital information in the teaching and learning environment.

University of Kentucky Minimum Laptop/Tablet Recommendation


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