UK, Humana and Pfizer Launch Unique Collaborative Partnership

Jan 18, 2013

Three of the world’s leading health care organizations have launched an educational collaborative to create a doctoral research fellowship program that will allow a scholar to have an unprecedented view of pharmaceutical policy.

The result of the partnership is the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, Humana, and Pfizer Doctoral Research Fellowship Program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy. This collaboration supports an innovative fellowship program that provides the fellow with the opportunity to receive advanced doctoral research training from the UK College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (POP) track PhD program, while applying his or her academic knowledge to contemporary pharmaceutical policy and outcomes projects with a premier health insurance company (Humana) and an international pharmaceutical research and manufacturing organization (Pfizer).

“The UK College of Pharmacy is proud to partner with two such prestigious organizations,” said Timothy S. Tracy, Dean of the UK College of Pharmacy. “As one of the nation’s leading colleges of pharmacy, we take great pride in offering our students and faculty unique opportunities. This collaboration with Humana and Pfizer is a great example of this. The fellowship provides an innovative way for students pursuing graduate training in pharmaceutical outcomes and policy to focus their graduate work on the types of applied research needed within managed care organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. I look forward to hearing what this Fellow discovers.”

During the program, the fellow will work closely with faculty from the College’s Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy in Lexington, as well as complete an intensive program of didactic coursework in pharmaceutical policy, pharmaceutical regulation, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmaceutical outcomes, advanced statistical modeling and econometrics. To complete the POP PhD track in the College of Pharmacy, the fellow is required to pass a qualifying examination, complete research requirements, and write an original scholarly dissertation.

Each year during the fall and spring semesters, the fellow will devote 20 percent of his or her time to pharmaceutical outcomes and policy real-world applications through work with health outcomes researchers at Humana corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The fellow will also participate in a summer experience at Pfizer corporate headquarters in New York, where the fellow will apply didactic and research training to address pharmaceutical policy and outcomes questions within the pharmaceutical industry.

“Humana is excited to be entering into a prestigious collaboration that will leverage the strengths of a manufacturer, academia and health plan to encourage partnership in outcome research,” said Steve Chick, Market Vice President for Humana.

“This novel cooperative program will provide both rigorous and practical training for students to enter a blossoming and impactful field. Pfizer is pleased to be contributing to this effort,” said Richard Willke, Senior Director of Market Access for Pfizer.

The Fellowship Program is jointly funded by Humana, Pfizer, and UK. For the first three years of participation in the fellowship program, the fellow will receive, each year, a stipend of $55,000, health benefits through the University of Kentucky, full tuition, and a research fund of $5,000 to cover research expenses that may include books, travel, and research support.

Applicants are required to have a PharmD degree and must demonstrate a keen interest in pharmaceutical outcomes and policy. Prior research experience and graduate education is strongly preferred. In addition to applying for graduate study at the University of Kentucky, applicants must submit their curriculum vitae, a letter describing their career goals, a writing sample, and three letters of recommendation. The application deadline is February 8.

Applications are accepted online:

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