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Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science Department

Professor (Joint appointment with College of Medicine) Department of Neurosurgery



Jimmi Hatton-Kolpek - Pharm.D., FCCP, FCCM

Dr. Hatton-Kolpek is a clinical pharmacist focusing on the care of patients with neurologic injury. Following service as Department Chair (2007-2011), her clinical practice transitioned from neurological intensive care to rehabilitation and ambulatory care of patients with spinal cord and brain injury. Through collaborative partnerships with colleagues from the Kentucky Appalachian Rural Rehabilitation Network (http://karrn.org/wordpress/) and The Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital (http://www.cardinalhill.org/chrh), research and scholarship programs have developed targeting the challenges of polypharmacy after neurologic injury. Dr. Hatton-Kolpek continues pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic research projects with colleagues from neurosurgery and the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center (http://www.mc.uky.edu/scobirc/). She also provides instruction to professional students, residents and graduate students in the Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine in the areas of Evidence Based Medicine, Advanced Pharmacy Practice, Traumatic Brain Injury and Clinical Research Ethics.

Selected Publications:

  • McConeghy KW, Hatton J, Hughes L, Cook AM A Review of Neuroprotection Pharmacology and Therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury. CNS Drugs 26:7 2012.

  • Cook AM, Mieure KD, Owen RN, Pestauro AB, Hatton J. Intracerebroventricular administration of drugs. Pharmacotherapy 2009 Jul; 29(7):832-45.

  • Hatton J, Empey P, Rosbolt B, Jackson T, Kryscio R, Young B. Dosing and Safety of Cyclosporine in Patients with Severe Brain Injury. JNeurosurg, 2008 Oct; 109(4):699-707.

  • Hatton J, Kryscio R, Ott L, Young B. Systemic metabolic effects of insulin-like growth factor-1 and growth hormone therapy in patients with acute traumatic brain injury. JNeurosurg 2006 Dec; 105: 843-852.

  • Empey Philip, McNamara P, Young B, Rosbolt MB, Hatton J. Cyclosporin A Disposition following acute traumatic brain injury. J Neurotrauma 2006 Jan; 23(1):109-16.

  • Rockich K, Hatton J, Kryscio D, Young B, Blouin R. The Effect of Continuous Intravenous Infusion of rhIGF-1 and Daily Subcutaneous Administration of rhGH on IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 Plasma Concentrations in Traumatic Brain Injured Patients. Pharmacotherapy 1999;19(12):1432-1436.

  • Woodward DK, Hatton J, Ensom MHH, Dempsey RJ, Young B, Clifton GD.Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein Concentrations and CSF drug distribution after subarachnoid hemorrhage. Pharmacotherapy, 1998; 18(5):1062-1068.

  • Hatton J, Rapp R, Kudsk K, Brown R, Luer M, Bukar J. Geseundheit N, McClain CJ, Dempsey RJ, Young B. Intravenous rhIGF-1 in Moderate to Severe Head Injury: A Phase II Safety and Efficacy Trial. J Neurosurg, 1997;86 (5):779-786.

Selected Grants:

  • Oxidative Damage and Calcium-Activated Proteolytic Biomarkers After Traumatic Brain Injury and Effects of Acute Cyclosporine A - UK CCTS Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) 10/2013-06/2015 (PI Ed Hall; CoI Jimmi Hatton Kolpek)

  • The Effect of Cyclosporine on Isoprostane and Neuroprostane Production Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury- Kentucky Spinal Cord and Head Injury Research Trust - 1/2005-1/ 2007 (PI Jimmi Hatton Kolpek; CoPI Byron Young)

  • Career Training in Therapeutics and Translational Research-NIHCRCA OD-00-002 5/2003-8/ 2005. (PI Steve Shedlofsky; CoI Jimmi Hatton Kolpek)

  • The effect of TBI on Gene Expression Profile and Drug Disposition-A Pilot Study DNA Micro Assay Facility Research Fund (PI - Jimmi Hatton Kolpek) 11/2002 - 6/2003

  • Intravenous Cyclosporin in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury - A Pilot Dose - Finding Study. (PI - Byron Young; CoPI - Jimmi Hatton Kolpek). 3/2001 - 2005

  • Effect of Cyclosporin A on markers of secondary injury following severe head trauma. Kentucky Spinal Cord and Head Injury Research Board. (PI - Byron Young; CoPI - Jimmi Hatton Kolpek). 1/2000 - 2004

  • CASTBI Trial Planning Grant: Cyclosporine in Traumatic Brain Injury. (PI: Byron Young; CoI: Jimmi Hatton Kolpek) 1R34NS056635-01A2 1/2008-12/2008.

  • Mechanisms of Brain Injury and the Systemic Sequelae. NIH-Head and Spinal Cord Injury. Clinical Research Centers Program Project Grant. (PI - Byron Young; CoI - Jimmi Hatton Kolpek) 12/1992 - 1/1994

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