Jeffery Talbert

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185 Bio Pharm Complex
789 South Limestone Street
Lexington, KY 40536-0596

phone: 859-323-7141
fax: 859-323-0803

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  • Director
    Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
  • Professor
    Pharmacy Practice and Science Department
  • Coordinator
    Ph.D. program in Pharmaceutical Policy
  • Associate Professor (Joint Appointment)
    Martin School of Public Policy


  • B.S.
    Texas A&M University, 1989
  • M.A.
    Texas A&M University, 1991
  • Ph.D.
    Texas A&M University, 1995

Scholarly/Research Interests

  • Pharmaceutical policy
  • Medicaid policy
  • Public health informatics

Jeffery Talbert - Ph.D.

Jeffery Talbert Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Associate Chair in the UK College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science and the Director of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy. He received B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Texas A& M University. Professor Talbert has research interests in pharmaceutical policy, Medicaid policy, and public health informatics.

Teaching Activities

  • Ph.D. Program in Pharmaceutical Policy

Selected Publications

  • Fahy, B., Balke, C., Umberger, G., Talbert, J., Canales, D., Steltenkamp, C., Conigliaro, J.  (2011) Crossing the Chasm: Information Technology to Biomedical Informatics. Journal of Investigative Medicine. 59(5): 768-779. PMID:21383632
  •  Kenney, G., Marton, J., Pelletier, J., Klein, A., Talbert, J. (2011) The Effects of Medicaid and CHIP Policy Changes on Receipt of Preventive Care among Children in Kentucky and Idaho. Health Services Research. 46(1p2) 298-318. PMID: 21054374
  • Marton, J., Talbert, J.  (2010). CHIP Premiums, Health Status, and the Insurance Coverage of Children.  Inquiry, 47(3)199-214. PMID: 21155415
  • Hitron, A., Steinke, D., Stuphin, S., Lawson, A., Talbert, J., Adams, A. (2010) Incidence and risk factors of clinically significant chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia in patients with solid tumors. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice.  PMID:20823048
  • Fink, J., Talbert, J., & Blumenschein, K. (2010). Policy-Related Degree Options for Pharmacists Interested in Careers in the Health Care Field. Hospital Pharmacy. 45(2):1–7.
  • O'Neill, L., Talbert, J., & Klepack, W. (2009). Physician Characteristics Associated with Early Adoption of Electronic Medical Records in Smaller Group Practices. International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics, 4(2), 70-80.
  • York, N., Hahn, E., Rayens, M., & Talbert, J. (2008). Community Readiness for Local Smoke-Free Policy Change. American Journal of Health Promotion, 23(2), 112-120. PMID: 19004161
  • Havens, J., Talbert, J., Walker, R., Leedham, C., & Leukefeld, C. (2006). Trends in controlled-release oxycodone OxyContin prescribing among Medicaid recipients in Kentucky, 1998-2002. Journal of Rural Health, 22(3), 276-278. PMID: 16824176
  • Talbert, J., & Potoski, M. (2002). Setting the legislative agenda: The dimensional structure of bill cosponsoring and floor voting. Journal of Politics, 64(3), 864-891.
  • Piecoro, L., Potoski, M., Talbert, J., & Doherty, D. (2001). Asthma prevalence, cost, and adherence with expert guidelines on the utilization of health care services and costs in a state Medicaid population. Health Services Research, 36(2), 357-371. PMID: 11409817
  • Hager, G., & Talbert, J. (2000). Look for the party label: Party influences on voting in the US House. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 25(1), 75-99.
  • Love, M., Mainous, A., Talbert, J., & Hager, G. (2000). Continuity of care and the physician-patient relationship - The importance of continuity for adult patients with asthma. Journal of Family Practice, 49(11), 998-1004. PMID: 11093565
  • Potoski, M., & Talbert, J. (2000). The dimensional structure of policy outputs: Distributive policy and roll call voting. Political Research Quarterly, 53(4), 695-710.
  • Wolfson, G., & Talbert, J. (2000). Medicaid managed care and provider consolidation. J Health Hum Serv Adm, 23(3), 274-305. PMID: 11924313
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