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  • Director, Division of Drug Discovery
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Professor
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • B.S. in Chemistry
    Studium of Chemistry and Biochemistry, in Göttingen, Germany, 1979
  • M.S. in Organic Chemistry
    Studium of Chemistry and Biochemistry, in Göttingen, Germany and Columbus, Ohio, 1981
  • Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry and Microbiology
    University of Göttingen, Germany , 1984
  • Postdoctoral Research in Biochemistry
    Ohio State University, 1986-1987

Jurgen Rohr, Ph.D.

Dr. Rohr's research is focused on natural product drugs, i.e. antibiotics, anticancer drugs and drugs against bone diseases. It includes the elucidation of complex multi-step biosynthetic pathways, carried out by bacteria, fungi or plants, with particular emphasis on enzyme mechanisms. The results of these biosynthetic studies are used to generate modified natural product drugs through genetic engineering (pathway engineering, combinatorial biosynthesis).

Used techniques in the Rohr-laboratory include isolation and structure elucidation of natural products, incorporation experiments with isotope-labeled biosynthetic precursors, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and recombinant DNA techniques for the targeted interruption or recombination of genes of the biosynthetic pathways. Newer aspects of the research include (i) the testing of antitumor drugs using human cancer cell lines, (ii) the investigation of biochemical signal-transduction pathways influenced by anticancer drugs, and (iii) novel cancer gene therapy concepts. Dr. Rohr's publications (ca. 120) can be found in biochemical and chemical journals, such as Angew. Chem., Biochemistry, Chem. Biol., ChemBioChem, Chem. Commun., Gene, J. Am. Chem. Soc., J. Bacteriol., J. Biol. Chem., J. Nat. Prod., J. Org. Chem., Microbiol., Mol. Gen. Genet., Nat. Prod. Rep. etc.

Before joining University of Kentucky, Dr. Rohr was Assistant and Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Göttingen, Germany and Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC.

Selected Honors

  • Robert A. Blouin Excellence in Pharmaceutical Graduate Education Award for Academic Year (2006)
  • Honor Member, Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Society (2005)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) (2004)
  • Research and Scholarly Activity Award, Medical University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy (2001)

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • K. A. Shaaban, M. D. Shepherd, T. A. Ahmed, S. E. Nybo, M. Leggas, J. Rohr*: Pyramidamycins A-D and 3-Hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxamide; Cytotoxic Benzamides from Streptomyces sp. DGC1, J. Antibiot. 2012, 65, accepted.
  • G. Wang, P. Pahari, M. K. Kharel, S. G. Van Lanen, J. Rohr*: In Vitro Studies Reveal Two Bifunctional Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Deoxysugars of the Antitumor Antibiotic Mithramycin, Angew. Chem. 2012, accepted.
  • M. Bosserman, T. Downey, N. Noinaj, , S. K. Buchanan, J. Rohr *: Premithramycin B-Bound Crystal Structure Provides Molecular Insight into Substrate Recognition and Catalysis in the Baeyer−Villiger Monooxygenase MtmOIV, J. Biol. Chem. 2012, under revision.
  • N. Tibrewal, T. E. Downey, S. G. Van Lanen, E. Ul Sharif, G. A. O'Doherty, J. Rohr*: Roles of the Synergistic Reductive O-Methyltransferase GilM and of O-Methyltransferase GilMT in the Gilvocarcin Biosynthetic Pathway, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134, 12402-12405. PMID:22800463.
  • K. A. Shaaban, T. A. Ahmed, M. Leggas, J. Rohr*: Saquayamycins G-K, Cytotoxic Angucyclines from Streptomyces sp. Including Two Analogues Bearing the Aminosugar Rednose, J. Nat. Prod. 2012, 75, 1383-1392. PMID:22758660.
  • L. E. Núñez, S. E. Nybo, J. González-Sabín, M. Pérez, N. Menéndez, A. F. Braña, K. A. Shaaban, M. He, F. Morís, J. A. Salas, J. Rohr*, C. Méndez*: A Novel Mithramycin Analogue with High Antitumor Activity and Less Toxicity Generated by Combinatorial Biosynthesis, J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55, 5813-5825. PMID:22578073.
  • M. K. Kharel, J. Rohr*: Delineation of Gilvocarcin, Jadomycin, and Landomycin Pathways through Combinatorial Biosynthetic Enzymology, Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol. 2012, 16, 150-161. PMID:22465094.
  • M. K. Kharel, P. Pahari, K. A. Shaaban, G. Wang, C. Morris, J. Rohr*: Elucidation of Post-PKS Tailoring Steps Involved in Landomycin Biosynthesis, Org. Biomol. Chem. 2012, 10, 4256-4265. PMID:22454092.
  • I. Garcia, N. M. Vior, A. F. Braña, J. G. Sabin, J. Rohr, F. Morís, C. Méndez, J. A. Salas: Elucidating the Biosynthetic Gene Cluster for the Hybrid Polyketide-Nonribosomal Peptide Collismycin A: Unusual Mechanisms for the Formation of the 2,2'-Bipyridyl Ring, Chem. Biol. 2012, 19, 399-413. PMID:22444595.
  • S. E. Nybo, K. A. Shaaban, M. K. Kharel, J. A. Salas, C. Méndez, H. Sutardjo, J. Rohr*: Ketoolivosyl-tetracenomycin C: A New Ketosugar Bearing Tetracenomycin Reveals New Insight into the Substrate Flexibility of Glycosyltransferase ElmGT, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2012, 22, 2247-2250. PMID:22361136.
  • P. Patrikainen, P. Kallio, K. D. Klika, K. Fan, P. Mäntsälä, K. A. Shaaban, J. Rohr, K. Yang, J. Niemi, M. Metsä-Ketelä*: Engineering Angucycline Biosynthetic Pathways Through Combinatorial Enzymatic Synthesis, Chem. Biol. 2012, 19, 647-655. PMID:22633416.
  • P. Pahari, M. K. Kharel, M. D. Shepherd, S. G. Van Lanen, J. Rohr*: Enzymatic Total Synthesis of Defucogilvocarcin M and Its Implications for Gilvocarcin Biosynthesis, Angew. Chem Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 1216-1220. PMID:22223167.
  • M. K. Kharel, P. Pahari, M. D. Shepherd, N. Tibrewal, S. E. Nybo, K. A. Shaaban, J. Rohr*: Angucyclines: Biosynthesis, Mode-of-action, New Natural Products, and Synthesis, Nat. Prod. Rep. 2012, 29, 264-325. PMID:22186970.
  • D. Scott, J. Rohr, Y. Bae*: Nanoparticle Formulations of Mithramycin Analogs for Enhanced Cytotoxicity, Int. J. Nanomed. 2011, 6, 2757-2767. PMID22114504.
  • G. Wang, M. K. Kharel, P. Pahari, J. Rohr*: Investigating Mithramycin Deoxysugar Biosynthesis: Enzymatic Total Synthesis of TDP-D-Olivose, ChemBioChem 2011, 12, 2568-2571. PMID: 21960454.
  • S. F. Sleiman, J. Berlin, M. Basso, S. S. Karuppagounder, J. Rohr, R. R. Ratan*: Histone deacetylase inhibitors and mithramycin A impact a similar neuroprotective pathway at a cross road between cancer and neurodegeneration, Pharmaceuticals 2011, 4, 1183-1195 (doi: 10.3390/ph4081183).
  • N. Noinaj, M. A. Bosserman, M. A. Schickli, G. Piszczek, M. K. Kharel, P. Pahari, S. K. Buchanan, J. Rohr*: The Crystal Structure and Mechanism of an Unusual Oxidoreductase, GilR, Involved in Gilvocarcin V Biosynthesis, J. Biol. Chem. 2011, 286, 23533-23543. PMID 215618534.
  • S. F. Sleiman, B. Langley, M. Basso, X. Li, J. B. Payappilly, M. K. Kharel, H. Guo, J. L. Marsh, L. M. Thompson, L. Mahishi, P. Ahuja, W. R. MacLellan, D. Geschwind, G. Coppola, J. Rohr, R. R. Ratan*: Mithramycin is a gene selective Sp1 inhibitor that identifies a biological intersection between cancer and neurodegeneration, J. Neurosci. 2011, 31, 6858-6870. PMID 21543616.
  • M. K. Kharel, H. Lian, J. Rohr*: Characterization of the TDP-D-Ravidosamine Biosynthetic Pathway: One-Pot Enzymatic Synthesis of TDP-D-Ravidosamine from Thymidine-5'-phosphate and Glucose-1-Phosphate, Org. Biomol. Chem. 2011, 9, 1799-1808 PMID21264378.
  • K. A. Shaaban, S. Srinivasan, R. Kumar, C. Damodaran, J. Rohr*: Landomycins P-W, Cytotoxic Angucyclines from Streptomyces cyanogenus S136. J. Nat. Prod. 2011, 74, 2-11 PMID 21188999.
  • M. D. Shepherd, T. Liu, C. Méndez, J. A. Salas, J. Rohr*: Engineered Biosynthesis of Gilvocarcin Analogues with Altered Deoxypyranose Moieties, Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2011, 77, 435-441. PMID 21075894.
  • Z. Yang, X. Chi., M. Funabashi, S. Baba, K. Nonaka, P. Pahari, J. Unrine, J. M. Jacobsen, G. I. Elliott, J. Rohr, S. G. Van Lanen*: Characterization of LipL as a non-heme, Fe(II)-dependent alpha-ketoglutarate:UMP dioxygenase that generates uridine-5'-aldehyde during A-90289 biosynthesis. J. Biol. Chem. 2011, 286, 7885-7892. PMID 21216959.
  • M. A. Bosserman, A. Florez, K. A. Shaaban, A. F. Braña, J. A. Salas, C. Méndez, J. Rohr*: Characterization of the Terminal Activation Step Catalyzed by Oxygenase CmmOIV of the Chromomycin Biosynthetic Pathway from Streptomyces griseus, Biochemistry 2011, 50, 1421-1428. PMID 21244022.
  • K. A. Shaaban, C. Stamatkin, C. Damodaran, J. Rohr*: 11-Deoxylandomycinone and landomycins X-Z, new cytotoxic angucyclin(on)es from a Streptomyces cyanogenus K62 mutant strain, J. Antibiot. 2011, 64, 64, 141-150. PMID 20978514.
  • J. Rohr: Modifying Oxidation and Glycosylation Events in Biosyntheses of Natural Product Anticancer Drugs – Challenges for Combinatorial Biosynthesis, in Functional Molecules from Natural Sources, S. Wrigley, R. Thomas, C.T. Bedford, N. Nicholson, ed., RSC Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, 2011, pp 161-183.
  • S. Previdi, A. Malek, V. Albertini, C. Riva, C. Capella, M. Broggini, G. M. Carbone, J. Rohr and C. V. Catapano*: Inhibition of Sp1 dependent transcription and antitumor activity of the new aureolic acid analogues Mithramycin SDK and SK in human ovarian cancer xenografts, Gyn. Oncol. 2010, 118, 182-188. PMID: 20452660.
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