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Instructional Technology

Classroom Equipment

College of Pharmacy lecture rooms (PH 220 & PH 223) are equipped with smart classroom technologies. For further information or training on how to use this equipment, please contact Chris Porter at 323-8722.

Each room contains:

Note: Login information to the classroom computers can be obtained from Academic Affairs in Rm 215 or by contacting:
Ned Smith 257-1169
Belinda Morgan - 257-5802
Jeff Cain - 257-4429


Blackboard is the official course management system of the university and is offered at no charge to all university faculty, staff, & students.

Please contact Jeff Cain at 257-4429 to get started using Blackboard or if you have any problems or questions.

Blackboard Login

Instructor Resources

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Audience Response System

The College of Pharmacy owns and maintains an Audience Response System for use by faculty. If used appropriately, the system can enhance interactivity in the classroom, capture real-time data, and provide formative evaluations for student learning. The unit resides in the PH 220 closet and the software is pre-installed on the computers in PH 220 and PH 223.


Training on how to use the system is strongly encouraged. Contact Jeff Cain at 257-4429 to arrange training and/or consults.

Reserving the system

Because of frequent use, the system needs to be reserved in advance. Call AV Services at 323-6455 and ask to reserve the College of Pharmacy Audience Response System. (The Medical Center has an identical system).

Hardware components

One Fleetwood base receiving unit 250 Fleetwood handheld responders


Synthesis 2000 by Comtec Group Response

Scheduling a Computer Classroom

Student Computing Services computer classrooms (such as the one on the 6th floor of the College of Nursing Building) are available for use by UK faculty on a reservation basis. Click on the link below to reserve one of these rooms.

Computer-Based Testing

What is computer-based testing (CBT)?

Computer-based testing is simply giving an exam via the computer.

What are advantages of CBT?

Has anyone in the COP used computer-based testing?

What software is available for computer-based testing?

UK uses Blackboard for CBT.

What rooms on campus are available for computer-based testing?

What types of questions can I ask in computer-based testing?

Can the tests contain pictures or graphs?

Yes. Blackboard allows you to insert image files of .jpg or .gif format.

Can the test be configured so that only students in my class have access?

Yes. Blackboard restricts access to only those students enrolled in the class.

Can the students receive their grade as soon as they finish the test?

What issues should I be aware of when planning for computer-based testing?

What safeguards should be taken?

Teaching & Academic Support Center (TASC)

The Teaching and Academic Support Center (TASC) represents a diverse group of faculty and staff whose mission is to improve teaching and student learning throughout our university. TASC will encourage and promote pedagogical innovation, effective applications of teaching technology, and development of alternative instructional modes.

Services provided by TASC include

Telephone: 859-257-8272 ext. 236


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