Tsodikov Lab

We study mechanisms required for the pathogenesis of infection and discover novel compounds to inhibit these mechanisms by using a combination of enzymology, structural biology and biophysical chemistry.

Latest News from the Lab

We have immediate openings for graduate and undergraduate students. Graduate students should first apply to the Ph.D. Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Kentucky.

January 2015
- Our collaborative manuscript on methyltransferase MtmC from the mithramycin biosynthetic pathway is accepted for publication in Biochemistry. Congratulations, Caixia and Jhong-Min (Jurgen Rohr's group)!

December 2014
- Our manuscript on the crystal structure inorganic pyrophosphatase from Staphylococcus aureus is accepted for publication in the Journal of Structural Biology. Congratulations, Chathurada!

October 2014
- Dimitri Leggas becomes a national semifinalist in the prestigious 2014 Siemens Competition among high-school students doing research for his project in our group on development a novel mathematical method of determining crystal structures. He is one of 400 semifinalists selected out of ~4,500 students who entered the competition this year. Congratulations, Dimitri! Please, see Press Releases from the Gatton Academy and the UK College of Pharmacy for more information.


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