The Metal Speciation Toxicokinetics Database Index Page
This database contains summaries of the results of studies that show the influence of metal speciation (form) on the toxicokinetics of metals.

You can enter this database by selecting a factor that impacts on toxicokinetics or by clicking on a metal.  The factors in the left column will take you to a periodic table where you can click on a metal to see how that metal affects the selected factor in terms of toxicokinetics.  Clicking on a metal in the right columns will take you to directory pages
for each metal that lists factors that the metal speciation affects.
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  Aluminum (Al)
  Americium (Am)

  Antimony (Sb)
  Arsenic (As)
  Barium (Ba)
  Beryllium (Be)
  Bismuth (Bi)
  Boron (B)
 Cadmium (Cd)
 Chromium (Cr)

  Cobalt (Co)
  Copper (Cu)

  Gallium (Ga)
  Gold (Au)
  Indium (In)
  Iron (Fe)
  Lead (Pb)
  Magnesium (Mg)

  Manganese (Mn)
  Mercury (Hg)

  Molybdenum (Mo) 
  Nickel (Ni)

  Palladium (Pd)
  Platinum (Pt)
  Plutonium (Pu)
  Polonium (Po)
  Radium (Ra)
  Selenium (Se)
  Silver (Ag)
  Tellurium (Te)

  Thallium (Tl)

  Thorium (Th)
  Tin (Sn)
  Titanium (Ti)
  Uranium (U)
  Vanadium (V)
  Zinc (Zn)
  Zirconium (Zr)

You can select a metal from either the alphabetical list or the periodic table on the pages linked to the above hot buttons. To exit from a page click on back or the link to the index page at the bottom of each page. References can be seen by clicking on the citation. To exit the references click on the link on the references table for the index.

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