Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International

Trenika Mitchell, Pharm.D. - Chapter Advisor

The Christian Pharmacist student organization provides a spiritual outlet for student members of the Christian faith. CPFI meets weekly at noon. Meetings begin with a short devotion time, followed by fellowship and fun. CPFI also participates in service projects and socials.

2011-2012 Officers

Victoria Sansom - President
Zac Noel - Vice President
Courtney Smith - Secretary
Theresa Link - Treasurer
Alli Nickel - Historian
Lindsey Franklin - National Council Representative

2010-2011 Officers

Amanda Peters - President
Victoria Sansom - Vice President
Courtney Smith - Secretary
Ashley Current - Treasurer
Lindsey Franklin - Historian
Brad Doering - National Council Representative

2009-2010 Officers

Andrea Brashear - President
Julie Rowe - Vice President
Amanda Peters - Secretary
Ashley Current - Treasurer
Charlotte Gorospe - Historian
Lindsey Golliher - National Council Representative

page last modified: August 22 2012