Areas of Study

There are 3 Tracks through which a student can obtain a Ph.D. in the College of Pharmacy.

The Traditional Pharmaceutical Science Track provides training that is based on advanced coursework in contemporary basic pharmaceutical sciences plus independent laboratory or computational research under the direction of a faculty mentor. In the Traditional Pharmaceutical Science Track, the many research opportunities available are organized into two broad disciplinary areas - the Drug Discovery Area and the Drug Development Area.

The Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Track requires a degree in an area of professional health care, and focuses on training in translational research at the interface between basic and clinical studies.

The newest Track is an innovative program offered by the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science. The Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Track requires a degree in an area of professional health care, and provides students the opportunity to become leaders in translational pharmaceutical research affecting medication outcomes and pharmaceutical policy. While earning this degree you will have the opportunity to collaborate with multidisciplinary research teams and experience diverse opportunities in translational research ranging from the patient's bedside, to community settings, and to public health. In addition, the research track is aligned to provide entry points for students at various levels of professional development, beginning wtih certificate options for entry level graduate students, building to the M.S. and Ph.D.

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