Graduate Program History

A proposal for the establishment of a graduate program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with areas of concentration in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, was approved by the graduate faculty on Nov. 18, 1968, and by the board of trustees of the University of Kentucky on Feb. 18, 1969. Dean Joseph Swintosky and Dr. Harry Kostenbauder were instrumental in establishing the program and guiding the program for the first 20 years. The first class of graduate students consisted of seven students, and the first candidate (Dr. William Crouthamel) graduated in 1970.

As the graduate faculty grew, so did the size and the breadth of the graduate program. In the 1970s and early '80s, Drs. George Digenis, Anwar Hussain, Patrick DeLuca and Louis Diamond played key roles in expanding the areas of research to include drug delivery, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. In the mid to late 1980s, an increased emphasis on the biological aspects of pharmaceutical sciences, including molecular biology and biotechnology, was established under the leadership of Drs. Mark Gillespie and Myron Jacobson. The Clinical Pharmaceutical Science program also came into being at this time, with Dr. Robert Blouin guiding the early formation of this training track.

The Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program has trained more than 220 Ph.D. graduates. A majority of those graduates continue to utilize their graduate education in the pursuit of careers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.


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