Summer Research Programs

Date: late May 2014 — late July 2014


The UK College of Pharmacy offers two different ten-week programs for talented undergraduate and professional students to participate in paid research in Pharmaceutical Sciences or in Pharmaceutical Policy. Participants perform independent research , under the supervision of faculty mentors, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, give a scientific presentation that describes their accomplishments, and have the opportunity to contribute to front-line research in either of these areas.

In the Traditional Pharmaceutical Sciences area (PS Application Form [pdf]), students can work with faculty who are engaged in research in areas ranging from pre-clinical studies of drug actions, to fundamental mechanisms of drug actions at the molecular level, to the design, synthesis, development and formulation of new drug products. This program allows undergraduate students to obtain hands-on laboratory experience in state-of-the-art research facilities.

Students interested in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy will have the opportunity to apply methods and techniques of public policy planning and analysis to issues involving pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, pharmacists and pharmacies under the guidance of our nationally recognized faculty.  Please click here to access program information, along with forms to submit your application and recommendations.


February 19, 2014, for Pharmaceutical Sciences
TBD 2014, for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

Who Should Apply

Current undergraduates who have completed their junior year by the beginning of the summer are encouraged to apply, but highly qualified sophomore students will also be considered. Students enrolled in a professional (PharmD) program are also encouraged to apply. Completion of courses in general biology, organic or analytical chemistry will help the student get the most from these experiences. Ideal candidates are students who are interested in entering a PhD doctoral program, who have better than a 3.3 GPA and, for the Traditional program, are pursuing an undergraduate major in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology, or other Life Science.


Students will receive a stipend for 10 weeks of work.

NOTE: This program IS NOT intended for students interested in pursuing the Pharm.D. degree at a College of Pharmacy.

Research Projects of Students from the Summer Program

The Effect of Dexamethasone on Anti-tumor and Chemotherapeutic Activity [pdf]
Daniel Cornett Mentor: Dr. Mark Leggas

Small Interfering RNA-Mediated Silencing of Cytochrome P450 Reductase in Rat Hepatoma Cells [pdf]
Melissa Douglas Mentor: Dr. Todd Porter

Dopamine Transporter Expression in a "Two-Hit" Rat Model of Parkinsonian Syndrome [pdf]
Clarissa Harris Mentor: Dr. Jim Pauly

Characterization of Dusp1 in Lung Cancer [pdf]
Josh Lester Mentor: Dr. Penni Black

Memory Deficits in Relation to Neurodegeneration in a Model of An Alcohol Use Disorder [pdf]
Carey Shaner Mentor: Dr. Kim Nixon in collaboration with Dr. Melissa Burns-Cusato at Centre College

3D-QSAR Analysis of BChE Inhibitors [pdf]
Carlos Silva-Rivera Mentor: Dr. Chang-Guo Zhan

Optimization of Immunoproteasome-Specific Inhibitor UK-101 [pdf]
Kate Smiley Mentor: Dr. Kyung Bo Kim

Exploration of 7DHCR Expression [pdf]
Emily Sparks Mentor: Dr. Todd Porter

Solubility Determination of Silatecan 7-t-Butyldimethylsilyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin (DB-67) in Vitamin-E TPGS in the Presence and Absence of a Secondary Excipient[pdf]
Etagegn Taddesse Mentor: Dr. Brad Anderson

Organic Synthesis of a Gilvocarcin Oxygenase Pathway Intermediate [pdf]
May Fern Toh Mentor: Dr. Jurgen Rohr

Patient Interpretation of Qualitative Statements [pdf]
Dominique Comer Mentors: Dr. Karen Blumenschein and Dr. Melanie Mabins

Becaplemin (Regranex) Use in Patients with Non-Healing Lower-Extremity Ulcers [pdf]
Velma Henry Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Talbert

Financial Obligations of Graduating Pharm.D. Students [pdf]
Mykel Tidwell Mentor: Dr. Joseph Fink

For more information contact:

Catina Rossoll
SURP Coordinator
UK College of Pharmacy Graduate Program Office
789 S. Limestone Room 371
Lexington, KY 40536 0596

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