Kentucky Alliance of Pharmacy Students

The Kentucky Alliance of Pharmacy Students, or KAPS, is an umbrella organization formed as a merger in 1999 between the Kentucky chapter of the American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the National Community Pharmacists Association.  KAPS is currently the largest student organization at the College of Pharmacy and remains very active in the community as well as on campus. 

organizational chart

Our mission is to promote the growth of pharmacy students into practitioners characterized by a commitment to patient care, service, ethical behavior, and continuous personal and professional improvement.
As a KAPS member, students are given the opportunity to represent the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy at regional and national meetings.  Students also have the chance to compete in local and national clinical skills and patient care competitions. 
KAPS provides every student member, regardless of your stage of professional education, the opportunity to be actively involved in one of the 14 KAPS committees. Within these committees, students can participate in activities that pique their interest and allow them to interact with students in other classes- all while providing professional growth opportunities.  Students find that participation in these committees allows them to do their part in community service.

KAPS Committees:

2011-2012 Officers

Chair- Janelle Uhde
Chair-elect – David Marr
APhA-ASP President- Kelley Ratermann
APhA-ASP President-elect – Molly Trent
ASHP President- Casey Combs
ASHP President-elect – Stephen Polley
NCPA President- Emily Boone
NCPA President-elect – Wade Barton
Director of Committees- Abbey Breit
Recording Secretary- Himati Patel
Treasurer- Megan Goetz

2011-2012 Advisors

KAPS- Joseph Fink
APhA-ASP – Frank Romanelli
ASHP- Aaron Cook
NCPA- Kenneth Roberts

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