Lambda Kappa Sigma Alpha Nu Chapter

Dr. Stacy Taylor - Chapter Advisor

Lambda Kappa Sigma is an international pharmacy fraternity. The purpose of Lambda Kappa Sigma is to promote the profession of pharmacy among women and to aid its members in all areas. The object of the fraternity is to further the happiness and usefulness of its members and to create a center of enjoyment, friendship and culture. Lambda Kappa Sigma is a vital and significant force in pharmacy today. It is the largest and only international fraternity that promotes women in pharmacy, and its basic concern is the development of members culturally, socially, intellectually and professionally.

The professional fraternity provides not only the advantages of fraternal affiliation but also the many benefits which come from lifelong membership in an organization composed of those in the same profession and with like ideals and purposes.

Hygeia Day of Lambda Kappa Sigma is observed annually in March. Its purpose is to publicly call attention to the dedication of the members to the profession of pharmacy and to the advancement of knowledge in the health sciences. Each chapter presents a professional program to which the general public is invited.

Founders Day of Lambda Kappa Sigma is observed annually on Oct. 14. All chapters celebrate this date with a special candlelight ceremony honoring the founder, Ethel J. Heath, and the charter members, who had the foresight to lay the foundations of LKS fraternity, and other chapters that sustain the work of the founders.

2011-2012 Officers

President: Jami Mann
1st VP: Brittany Kidwell
2nd VP: Emily Brooks
Orientation Leader: Lindsey Spalding
Secretary: Bethany Lega
Treasurer: Kristen Mullen
Chaplain: Victoria Taylor
Historian: Rachael Lewis
Social Chair: Danielle Caudill

2010-2011 Officers

President: Jennifer Meyer
1st VP: Whitney Henderson
2nd VP: Mallory Johnson
Orientation Leader: Lauren Herb
Secretary: Megan Welch
Treasurer: Jami Mann
Chaplain: Deb Anderson
Historian: Britney Kidwell
Activities Coordinator: Emily Brooks

2009-2010 Officers

President: Amy Bean
1st VP: Jenna Burt
2nd VP: Leslie Ward
Orientation Leader: Whitney Henderson
Secretary: Kelsey Fort
Treasurer: Beth Bishoff
Chaplain: Jennifer Meyer
Historian: Tara Hoesli

page last modified: August 22 2012