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Registration Information

Students in the Pharm.D. program have a prescribed curriculum for each semester of the program. After the PY1 year, students also take elective courses in addition to the required curriculum. For more information on the Pharm.D. curriculum.

First year students will be automatically registered for their first semester of classes.

All other students are required to register for the required Pharm.D. courses themselves during Priority Registration dates set by the University. Students register online using the myUK portal. For Priority Registration windows, click here.

For more information regarding academic policies and procedures in the College of Pharmacy, students should refer to the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Student Handbook.

Registration assistance is provided to College of Pharmacy students in the Office of Academic Affairs. For more information please contact Rene Maldonado 859-257-5304.

For more information on frequently asked questions, please consult the following links:

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