Natasha Conley

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Year in the Pharm.D. Program: 3rd

Pre-Pharmacy coursework: The University of Toledo

Years in undergrad: 4

Major: Pharmacology/Toxicology

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Natasha Conley

Why did you choose to attend UK for pharmacy school?
I choose to attend UK College of Pharmacy because of its prestigious reputation. I am from Northeast Ohio, so I have to admit that going to school in Kentucky was not first on my radar. I was deciding between UK as well as another pharmacy school, but ultimately I knew that I would regret not attending UK since it is a highly ranked school where I can get an amazing education. After researching UK, I was enticed by the myriad of opportunities available. I wanted to attend a pharmacy school where I could grow to my fullest potential and challenge myself.

What benefits/opportunities do you feel you’ve gotten from attending UK that you maybe wouldn’t have had if you’d gone elsewhere?
I joined the Advanced Pharmacotherapy Gateway Program which prepares you for a residency after you graduate. I do not believe that I could receive the residency preparation that I am gaining at many another institutions, because UK emphasizes furthering your education after your graduate. There are also many organizations that you can join to enhance your leadership skills and I have been mostly involved in the Student National Pharmaceutical Association and Phi Lambda Sigma. Additionally, I am on the Admissions Committee. I admire that UK cares about the opinions of their students by asking them to serve on this and various other important committees.

One of my favorite benefits of attending UK College of Pharmacy would the professors. We have the privilege of being taught by nationally known researchers and clinicians. The pharmacists work at the hospital across the street from our building so there is easy access for shadowing possibilities.

What is the best thing about being a UKCOP student
The best thing about being a UK College of Pharmacy student would be the fact that I can say that I am a UK College of Pharmacy student! I am very blessed to be receiving a clinically based education and to be surrounded by such gifted students and faculty.

Did you work or volunteer in a pharmacy before enrolling at UKCOP or do you work now? If so, what type of setting?
I worked at and independent pharmacy for two years prior to attending pharmacy school. I also worked at a retail chain pharmacy my first two years of pharmacy, but I am currently not working during my third year.

Natasha’s Words of Wisdom
My advice would be to look at programs that allow you to have room to grow as a student pharmacist. You might be positive that you will enter one area of pharmacy but you honestly never know how your interests will change.

Are there any areas of pharmacy that you’ve learned about thus far in your career that you are interested in pursuing?
I am definitely interested in completing a residency. Before I came to pharmacy school, I had plans of being a community pharmacist and I absolutely did not want to do a residency. After just a few weeks of being in pharmacy school I was convinced that the residency pathway was for me. I plan to become an ambulatory care pharmacist. However, I still have an open mind and realize that pharmacy can lead me into many unique and exciting areas.

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