Emily boone

Hometown: Lagos State, Nigeria

Year in the Pharm.D. Program: 3rd

Pre-Pharmacy coursework: Georgetown College

Years in undergrad: 4

Major: Chemistry

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Biology

Yvonne Egbudin

Why did you choose to attend UK for pharmacy school?
Deciding on which pharmacy school to attend was based on a combination of several factors such as cost of attendance, location, and the caliber/quality of the program. I chose UK pharmacy because I attended undergrad in Georgetown, Kentucky, which is less than thirty minutes away from UK. Attending UKCOP gave me the benefit of staying close to friends and family. UK also offered me a great scholarship, which made it much easier to pay for pharmacy school. There was also the added benefit of UK being one of the top ten schools in the country. I am 100 percent certain that I made the right decision in choosing UK for pharmacy school.

What benefits/opportunities do you feel you’ve gotten from attending UK that you maybe wouldn’t have had if you’d gone elsewhere?
I love that UK opens the doors to several opportunities both within and outside the realm of the pharmacy profession. UK has several dual degree programs such as PharmD/MPH, MPA, MBA and PA. I am currently enrolled in a PharmD/MPH (Masters in Public Health) dual degree program. Prior to starting UK, the thought of getting a second degree at the same time would not only have never crossed my mind, but would have been very daunting. The UKCOP highly encourages their students to do things that set themselves apart. They work with you to make sure that you are not overwhelmed by the increased course load and they are constantly offering you opportunities that help you integrate knowledge and experience from both degrees. While the course load from both degrees does get stressful at times, I know that the added education I am getting is something that is priceless.

What is the best thing about being a UKCOP student?
I love the great friendships and personal relationships that I have developed over the years. The pharmacy school curriculum is rigorous and challenging, and I am very lucky to have the support of my family and friends outside of pharmacy school. But there is nothing as great as having wonderful friends who are in the same program and going through the same experience. My friends encourage me to focus on my school work but also provide an outlet for stress by making sure I take the time out to enjoy life. Thanks to them, and to the wonderful faculty and staff of UKCOP, I will always look back on my time here as one of the happiest of my life.

Did you work or volunteer in a pharmacy before enrolling at UKCOP or do you work now? If so, what type of setting?
Prior to enrolling at UKCOP, I shadowed at an independent pharmacy. I currently work as a pharmacy intern in a community chain pharmacy.

Yvonne’s Words of Wisdom
Before I made the decision to go to pharmacy school, I made sure I explored other options. I spent some time shadowing and talking to several people in other health care professions. After shadowing at an independent pharmacy, I finally realized that pharmacy was the best fit for me. So here is my advice: - be certain! You owe it to yourself to have passion in whatever path you choose to follow in life.

Are there any areas of pharmacy that you’ve learned about thus far in your career that you are interested in pursuing?
I would really like to pursue residency training, and possibly go on to work as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital. But at this point in my career, I am still keeping an open mind.

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