Emily boone

Hometown: Northville, MI

Year in the Pharm.D. Program: 3rd

Pre-Pharmacy coursework: University of Kentucky

Years in undergrad: 2

Major: Biology

Degree: No

Elise Fleishaker

Why did you choose to attend UK for pharmacy school?
The UK College of Pharmacy was the only pharmacy school I applied to. By attending undergrad at UK, I got to experience the UK college environment and I loved it. This environment in combination with the prestige and excellence associated with UK College of Pharmacy convinced me that it was the place I wanted to go to receive the best education possible.

What benefits/opportunities do you feel you’ve gotten from attending UK that you maybe wouldn’t have had if you’d gone elsewhere?
There are a variety of opportunities that I feel have been afforded to me by attending UK. I feel that my education has been enhanced by having professors that also work across the street at the University of Kentucky Hospital. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to become the Operation Diabetes Co-Chair this year which has given me the chance to work on my leadership abilities and to educate the community about diabetes.

What is the best thing about being a UKCOP student?
The best thing about being a UKCOP student has to be all the activities that go along with being a student. Whether it is a fundraising event for the school or a tailgating event before a football game, there are many opportunities to enjoy some time with classmates outside of studying.

Did you work or volunteer in a pharmacy before enrolling at UKCOP or do you work now? If so, what type of setting?
I worked at the University of Kentucky Hospital for a few months before I started my application for pharmacy school. I have continued to work there throughout my years in pharmacy school and have also taken part in their intern program.

Elise’s Words of Wisdom
My advice to prospective pharmacy students would be to do the research! By taking the time early on and researching the programs that interest you, you can save yourself some time later by knowing the classes they require and what ones you will need to take in order to apply to that program.

Are there any areas of pharmacy that you’ve learned about thus far in your career that you are interested in pursuing?
Although I have always been interested in hospital pharmacy, pharmacy school has opened my eyes to the prospect of pursuing a residency. I think my plans will be to complete a year of a general hospital residency and possibly specialize in Emergency Medicine or Oncology during my second year of residency.

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