Dual Degree Masters in Business Administration

Improving patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner is one of the most critical challenges in health care today. Strong management and business skills in concert with clinical knowledge are necessary to keep health care costs under control. Individuals grounded in both business management and clinical skills provide an increasingly important and unique interface between practitioners and managers to balance clinical decision making with bottom line financial realities. The PharmD / MBA dual degree program is designed to provide students with the necessary educational foundation so that they not only are prepared to begin practice as a pharmacist, but to assume managerial responsibility in a variety of health care settings. The dual degree is thought to be highly desirable for persons seeking careers in institutional practice settings, the pharmaceutical industry, managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit management organizations, and academics.

To be admitted, an applicant is required to meet the independent admission standards of the College of Pharmacy, The MBA Program, and The Graduate School. Students must be admitted to the Graduate School prior to undertaking MBA coursework. Pharmacy students who do not hold an awarded bachelor's degree must have at least 90 hours of undergraduate credits to apply to the Graduate School. All applicants must meet the minimum grade point average requirements of the Graduate School for admission, complete all prerequisite courses and successfully complete the GMATor GRE or PCAT examination. Current PharmD students may contact Dr. Karen Blumenschein for more information about the PharmD/MBA program.

MBA/PharmD Course Schedule (Examples)

PY2 Fall
Pharmacy = 17 credit hours +
ACC 628
ECO 610

PY2 Spring
Pharmacy = 17 credit hours +
FIN 600
DIS 651

PY3 Fall
Pharmacy = 17 credit hours +
MKT 600
MGT 610
Elective 1 (PPS 950)

PY3 Spring
Pharmacy = 17 credit hours +
DIS 620
MKT 611
Elective 2 (PPS 960)

PY4 Fall
APPE Rotations +
MGT 611

PY4 Spring
APPE Rotations +
MGT 699

From the perspective of the MBA program, approved PharmD courses serve as MBA electives. From the College of Pharmacy perspective, the MBA coursework satisfies 8 hours of required electives, but only if the student remains in good standing in both programs and satisfies all degree requirements.

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