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Profile of Incoming Students, Fall 2014

Interviewed: 250
Accepted: 135
Average PCAT: 78
Average GPA: 3.6 (range 3.0 - 4.0)
Out-of-State: 25%

Applicant Pool
We typically receive approximately 800 applications per year. Of those, approximately 300 are Kentucky residents. Currently we admit a class of 135 students each fall. The number of students admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program depends upon the availability of resources such as faculty, clinical facilities and space for implementation of a quality educational program.

Grade Point Average & Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
The minimum grade point average (GPA) considered is a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale). However, admission is competitive and accepted student GPAs typically range from approximately 3.0-4.0. Applicants must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and submit the scores to the national, online application service, PharmCAS, using code 104. The highest PCAT score that is reported to PharmCAS will be considered for the UK College of Pharmacy (UK COP) admission process. A student may take the PCAT as many times as they like but UK COP will not consider scores over 2 years old at the start of each application cycle.

General Application Information
Students are admitted only for the fall semester. Since applications are screened, interviews are scheduled, and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, it is important that you complete your application as early in the admissions cycle as possible. UK COP and PharmCAS web sites will be updated by mid-July of each year with the new admissions cycle information and application review will begin September 1. Early applications will receive stronger consideration.

The applicant should research opportunities available to pharmacy graduates, services provided by pharmacists, and obligations of pharmacy practitioners to the people they serve. In addition, the applicant is expected to communicate knowledge of these areas effectively in the interview. The Admissions Committee believes the applicant should base a decision to enter the pharmacy profession on more solid reasoning than merely an interest in science courses. Students holding degrees -- or near completing degrees -- in biology, chemistry and pre-professional health care majors are particularly encouraged to apply for admission.

Consideration for admission will be based upon the applicant's previous academic record; potential for academic achievement; standardized admission test scores; and an assessment of the applicant's communicative skills, integrity, commitment, dedication, motivation, character, maturity and emotional stability. Each applicant must have the physical, mental and emotional ability to learn and accomplish those competencies required of a pharmacy practitioner, and the character and thought processes necessary to make professional judgments that benefit the patient.

Any student may be denied admission or permission to continue enrollment in the College of Pharmacy if, in the opinion of the faculty, the moral or ethical character of the student casts grave doubts upon his or her potential capabilities as a pharmacist. Any type of involvement in the illegal use of drugs or other illegal or unethical acts relating to the practice of pharmacy are examples of incidents which would provide cause for considering denying admission or for dismissal of a student from the college.

Questions? Contact the pre-pharmacy advisor via email at

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