Emily boone

Hometown: Cadiz, KY

Year in the Pharm.D. Program: 2nd

Pre-Pharmacy coursework: University of Kentucky

Years in undergrad: 3

Major: Chemistry

Degree: No

Zach Thompson

Why did you choose to attend UK for pharmacy school?
UK was my top choice for pharmacy school because of their high reputation to produce profession-changing pharmacists. The faculty members here are leaders in the profession and breed their students to be the same.

What benefits/opportunities do you feel you’ve gotten from attending UK that you maybe wouldn’t have had if you’d gone elsewhere?
After graduation, the students from UK are differentiated from other pharmacy students. The multiple dual degrees and gateways give students the option to gain further expertise in their interests. The involvement at UK is absolutely great. There are multiple organizations to be involved in and Kentucky Alliance of Pharmacy Students (KAPS) houses many of great opportunities to be involved. Since coming to the College I have had the opportunity to be involved in legislative action that pertains to pharmacy. I have had the opportunity to work with the Kentucky Pharmacist Association and the American Pharmacist Association to set up Congressman visits to pharmacies within the state and to voice the pharmacist opinion on bills pertaining to pharmacy.

What is the best thing about being a UKCOP student?
The atmosphere in Lexington is amazing, especially during the basketball season. You have the ability to attend multiple basketball games and experience the great tradition we have here.

Did you work or volunteer in a pharmacy before enrolling at UKCOP or do you work now? If so, what type of setting?
I worked throughout my time as an undergraduate and throughout my first year of school but I have taken a break from work to focus on school and student involvement. Before starting school, I worked in the community retail setting.

Zach’s Words of Wisdom
I would advise students to look at the caliber of pharmacists that come out of each respective pharmacy program and see if it matches their goals as a pharmacist. With UK, our graduates are active in every aspect of pharmacy and are also innovators within the profession.

Are there any areas of pharmacy that you’ve learned about thus far in your career that you are interested in pursuing?
I plan to complete a residency to become a Pediatric Specialty Pharmacist.

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