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Courses from Other Colleges (Transfer Equivalencies)

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy will accept coursework from other accredited colleges and universities to satisfy our Pre-Pharmacy requirements. Transfer equivalency charts are available below to determine how courses from other colleges will be accepted at UK COP.

In-state Colleges and Universities: For students completing UK COP pre-pharmacy courses at other Kentucky two and four-year colleges and universities, the Kentucky (In-state) Transfer Equivalency Chart states the equivalent UK pre-pharmacy courses. Additional course equivalencies are available through the UK Transfer Equivalency Guide.

Out-of-State Colleges and Universities: For students completing UK COP pre-pharmacy courses at institutions outside of Kentucky, UK Transfer Equivalency Guide to learn more about how your courses will transfer to the University of Kentucky. This guide has over 400,000 established course equivalencies from institutions across the United States.

Course equivalencies were taken directly from each college/university catalog or bulletin in consultation with professors, department heads, and advisors at each respective school. Some of these courses may be discontinued or changed by your college/university at any time. If that occurs and these courses are no longer offered or have somehow changed, please contact the College of Pharmacy’s Pre-Pharmacy Advisor.

Community Colleges: Keep in mind that the Pre-Pharmacy course equivalencies will not necessarily be the same from one community college to the next.

English requirement: Effective Fall 2004, all incoming freshmen and transfer students to the University of Kentucky must take ENG 104, a first-year, 4-credit hour writing course, and ENG 200+, an approved 200-level, 3-credit hour English course taken after achieving sophomore status. For students enrolled at UK PRIOR to Fall 2004 or for non-UK students applying DIRECTLY to the UK Doctor of Pharmacy program and NOT to the University of Kentucky, ENG 101 and ENG 102 (or equivalent) will meet our two semester English requirement. For questions about this requirement, contact the Pre-Pharmacy Advisor.

Lab requirements: Labs hours are required with the following Pre-Pharmacy courses: Animal Biology, Microbiology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics (physics courses of less than 8 credit hours). If there are no labs listed with those courses, please be sure to check with your college/university to make sure lab is included as part of the respective coursework.

Anatomy/Physiology: University of Kentucky students should take ANA 209 (Human Anatomy) to meet this requirement. For most other college/universities, we list Anatomy/Physiology combined course(s) to meet our requirement(s) where no equivalent single Human Anatomy course exists.

Elective Credit: The UK College of Pharmacy requires Pre-Pharmacy students to complete a minimum of 70 semester credit hours of coursework in order to be eligible to apply to our Pharm.D. program. Approximately 50-60 of those hours are in required courses while the remaining credit hours can be elective courses and are not reflected on the chart.

Transfer course evaluations: These courses have been evaluated by the College of Pharmacy specifically for the purpose of students interested in applying and competing for admission to our PharmD program only. These courses have not been evaluated by the University itself nor do they necessarily meet the requirements toward general education or other UK majors/academic programs outside of pharmacy. Students interested in majoring in other programs at UK will need to have their coursework evaluated by the University of Kentucky Office of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar.

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